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Fitch Mountain and the Russian River  Postcard c. 1910

Published for M.D. Silberstein, Healdsburg by M. Reider, Los Angeles No. 4825 -- r. janosko collection


Fitch Mountain was named for

Captain Henry D. Fitch (1767-1849)

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Life and adventures of Col. L. A. Norton


LITTLE ant, come, tell me why
Thou hast built thy home so high;
These high cliffs why didst thou scale
And leave the warm and pleasant vale?

Has the same God that gave thee breath
Inspired in thee the thoughts of death,

Like man, creation's lord while here,
And fitted for another sphere?

Like his, doth thy ambition rise,
To endless life beyond the skies?
And is this mound, on which I've trod,
A temple of the living God?

And didst thou choose this mountain high
To bring thy worship near the sky?
And didst thou tread, as Moses trod,
With priestly step, the mount of God?

Methinks I hear the answer, “Yes;
As creatures we could do no less
Than offer from this lofty shrine
To our Creator praise divine.”
If so, I'll heed thy warm appeal;
I reverence and respect thy zeal,
And peaceful leave thy busy home
Wiser than ere I hence had come,
In knowing that beneath my feet
Worshiping congregations meet,
Serving with thought sublime, as we,
In t
heir own way, the Deity.


Life and adventures of Col. L. A. Norton.

Norton, Lewis Adelbert, b. 1819.

Oakland, Cal : Pacific Press publishing house, 1887.

Lewis Adelbert Norton (b. 1819) grew up in Canada and western New York. Banished from Canada for taking the Patriot side in the Rebellion of 1837-1838, Norton settled in Illinois, where he raised a regiment for the Mexican War. On his return home, he led an overland party to California. Life and adventures of Col. L.A. Norton (1887) describes Norton's early life and his journey west. Of his life in California, he chronicles careers as miner, lawyer, and merchant in Placerville. In 1856 he moves to Healdsburg, where his law practice involves him in the Squatter War on the Russian River. The book closes with his account of an 1874 rail trip east, revisiting Canada, New York, and New England before returning to Healdsburg.






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